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Welcome to the ZArtTones.com homepage.  This website features several related pages as described here.

ZArtTones.com is the web home of the following entities:

Reflex Records - an independent record label founded in 1999 in Nashville, Tennessee with the release of the full-length CD album, “Multiple Exposure” by “new blues” artist, Pam Brandis (see Nashville Scene Backboard Archives). More Reflex Records and Pam Brandis detail can be found on this page and also in the Sine of the Times newsletter.

Sine of the Times – the official newsletter of Reflex Records founded to announce the launch of Reflex Records (Nashville, Tennessee 1999), the release of the Pam Brandis debut CD album, “Multiple Exposure” and subsequent releases. The newsletter evolved into a source for information about universal copyright law and also became a sounding board or a call to action encouraging Nebraska area artists of all genres, including the visual arts to consider promoting their work through the United States, Midwest Public Library system.

Pam Brandis - a Reflex Records recording artist whose sound/style is described as “new blues.” Beginning in 2000, the initial Brandis CD album and additional works were introduced into the catalogs of several Nebraska and South Dakota public libraries. During that decade and into the next, Brandis music was not legally available elsewhere. Pam Brandis/Bauer House Music is the owner/publisher of all Pam Brandis music which is not to be made available for airplay, streaming, distribution, publishing, sale or download except through the legal channels explained here. As of October 2013, watermarked versions of select Pam Brandis album tracks and CD singles are being made available for online listening and download for the first time and exclusively at ZArtTones.com. See the Pam Brandis Discography page and the Pam Brandis Sounds page. Copies of Pam Brandis CD albums, Pam Brandis songs or any portion thereof being made available for sale through any entity other than ZArtTones.com is illegal.

Z Art Blog - article topics will include what it means to live life as an artist of audible/audio, visual or tactile forms of art.

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